THOR - now known as Buddy!

It was 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday and my phone was ringing. Never a good sign when people call at that hour! Well, the woman on the phone asked if this was the New York State Weimaraner Rescue? After yelling at the person calling me at such a crazy hour and to call back in the morning when I was awake, she spit out that it was an emergency vet, that a family could not pay for surgery on a Weim pup, they think it is bloat, and did I want to save this 10 month old boy?

After taking a moment to wake up, I learned the family got him in quick and they thought he would be fine, so I told them to try. I thought we had the funds in the NYSWR bank account. Thankfully little Thor did wonderfully and his 90 degree torsion was fixed, his stomach tacked, and he was recovering well!

He was fostered for a few days by someone at the vet, and then he went to a foster home in Buffalo. While he was in foster care he came to the NYSWR annual picnic at my house. It was so great to meet the little guy! He had a good time playing with everyone, except for the time he leapt face first into our pond? I thought I was going to have to save him! He was following all the bigger weims playing in the water, but got a face full of mud! He then got stung by a bunch of bees the dogs kicked up. He curled up into his foster mom's lap for the rest of the day!

Then he went to live with a family who he met at the picnic who has fostered for NYSWR in the past. They had previously adopted a female weim, who had a tragic accident when she got loose one day. After meeting Thor they decided it may be time to have another weimie in the house. Thor settled in well, and since he is so petite, they renamed him Buddy! He is a snuggle bug and a sweetie and it is just wonderful to see him happy in his forever home.

Jennifer Wilkinson


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Thor came into my life when I met him at a rescue picnic last summer. He had just undergone surgery to save his life. He was less than a year old at the time. I can't imagine him having to be put down because his owners couldn't afford the surgery that would save his life.

Thor is a little guy. I had not seen a male this small before let alone skinny. But I could tell right away that he had the temperament that I was looking for. What a sweet and gentle boy. Thor really doesn't describe this dog. We call him Buddy. Buddy immediately took to our family. He thinks he is a lap dog and to be honest, I am enjoying that. Buddy likes to climb up into the recliner with me and squeeze in for a cuddle. When he is outside, Buddy has 3 acres of running room inside the fence. This dog is free to run, romp, play, explore.

When I look at Buddy all I can think is that he might have died had it not been for the rescue. I can't imagine my life without him. Just look at that face! He certainly was worth every penny that was paid to save his life. He is one success story that I am so glad I participated in! He is the picture of happiness.

Diane Tusch