Miss Bella was surrendered to a local Cincinnati, OH shelter when her family moved in January 2013. She had lived her entire 7 years with them and was heartbroken when they left her behind. She developed kennel cough while at the shelter which quickly turned into pneumonia after only a few days in rescue.

She spent 4 days in the vet hospital and several months recuperating with her foster family. She was our very first foster Weim and her medical needs drained our entire bank account. We were committed to helping her get back on her paws and showering her with love during this time. Bella slowly recuperated and became healthy again. She finally started enjoying her daily trail hikes and was able to keep up with her two Weim foster brothers.

Bella found her perfect match in June 2013 when she was adopted by a Cleveland, OH family who relocated to North Carolina in March 2014. Today, Bella enjoys off-leash hikes in a nearby state park. Her owners say that she really likes the freedom to run and she has always done a good job with staying close and turning around to make sure they are still following her! When they travel back home, Bella enjoys the company of another family Weim companion named Izzy. We are thrilled that Bella is living the Weim life that she deserves. Go, Bella!

Becky Kuntz - Weim Friends Rescue, Inc.


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